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This Project Taps Into Crowdfunding & Education To Finance 100% Renewable Energy

How can we get to 100% renewable and clean energy? That's the $64,000 dollar question (or in this case, maybe it's the $64 billion trillion question) that will need to be answered, at least in part, through the financing of large-scale effective cleantech solutions for energy and transportation. And that begs yet another question, which [&hellip This Project Taps Into …

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Tesla Model 3: Can You Drive It To Wally World?

By Stephen J. Veneruso It's summertime! That means it's time to load up the Griswold-mobile for the great American pilgrimage to Wally World. But it's a long way down the holiday road. Can you make it in a Tesla Model 3? Sure, the Tesla Model 3 is expected to have an optional larger battery pack. [&hellip Tesla Model 3: Can You Drive It To Wally World? was originally published on

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Enel Plans Hundreds of Miles of Fiber as Part of a Nationwide Smart Meter Rollout in Italy

Enel Open Fiber signed its first agreement in August to lay fiber to homes across Venice starting in September. Enel launched its Open Fiber group earlier this year to coincide with coming smart meter upgrades across Italy through 2020. The company will …

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Inferring urban travel patterns from cellphone data

In making decisions about infrastructure development and resource allocation, city planners rely on models of how people move through their cities, on foot, in cars, and on public transportation. Those models are largely based on surveys of residents' travel habits. But conducting surveys and analyzing their results is costly and time consuming: A city might go more than a decade between surveys. And even a broad survey will cover only a tiny fraction of a city's population. In the latest issue of the …

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Microgrids Are New York’s Next Big Thing

Originally published on Nexus Media. By Jeremy Deaton Ask New Yorkers what they remember about Hurricane Sandy, and they'll say the blackout. Floods cut power to most of Lower Manhattan, plunging America's financial and cultural epicenter into total darkness. Or rather, near-total darkness. New York University continued to buzz and glow throughout the night. The [&hellip Microgrids Are New York's Next …

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Four Former Coal Sites Are Getting Major Facelifts

Originally published on The Climate Reality Project. Let's face the facts: Across the globe, the way we get our energy is transforming dramatically. And that's not all that's transforming. Check out these four former coal sites that are getting a major facelift. Solar, wind, geothermal – you name it, renewable power capacity is on the [&hellip Four Former Coal Sites Are Getting Major …

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If Tesla Model 3 Delivers, “Gas Vehicles Are History,” Gasoline & Automotive Services Dealers Of America Exec Says

No doubt about it, many of us EV enthusiasts have been blown away by the Tesla Model 3 and believe it's the car that is really going to break the gasoline auto industry's back. But we're just EV enthusiasts, right? Treehuggers, tech heads, climate alarmists, and people obsessed with breathing clean air — that's who we are, right? Okay, [&hellip

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The Race To Clean Energy May Leave Utilities In The Dust

Originally published on Climate Nexus. The latest developments in the world of clean energy suggest utilities are in danger of being left in the dust. Let's start with corporate America. Fed up with the glacial pace many utilities have taken in rolling out renewables and facing pressure from both customers and their own sustainability departments, [&hellip The Race To Clean Energy May Leave …

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Why The Clean Energy Incentive Program Matters

Originally published on The Climate Reality Project. The Clean Energy Incentive Program (CEIP) is an important part of the Clean Power Plan's success. Find out why. Last summer, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized the Clean Power Plan, the first-ever standards to reduce carbon pollution from existing power plants. The plan was a major [&hellip Why The Clean Energy Incentive Program …

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US Installed Microgrid Capacity to Grow 115% and Reach 4.3GW Over the Next 5 Years

A shift away from single-entity owned and operated projects is greatly improving microgrid project economics in the U.S. microgrid market. In its newly released report, U.S. Microgrids 2016: Market Drivers, Analysis and Forecast, GTM Research provides an analysis of customer drivers and emerging ownership models, and detailed segmentations of the current market to arrive at future market expectations to 2020. A …

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Clean Energy Is Booming In Historically Conservative States

Originally published on Nexus Media. The Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas just became the new home of the country's largest rooftop solar installation, a sprawling 26,000-panel array smack dab in the middle of Sin City. The project is just the latest jewel in the crown for Nevada solar energy geeks. Just down the [&hellip Clean Energy Is Booming In Historically Conservative …

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Conergy To Build “World First” ‘Islanding’ Solar & Storage Project

One of the world's largest downstream solar companies, Conergy, has started construction on what will likely be a world first ‘islanding' solar and storage project in Australia's north. The $42.5 million project is set to be developed in Lakeland, in far north Queensland, and will be the Southern Hemisphere's first integrated solar, storage, and fringe-of-grid [&hellip Conergy To …

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Countries With Pro-Nuclear Agenda Making Slower Progress On Climate Change

A new study of European countries has found that countries with strong commitments to nuclear energy are making slow progress when it comes to their climate change targets. The new study, published in the journal Climate Policy and authored by researchers at the University of Sussex and the Vienna School of International Studies, showed that progress [&hellip Countries With …

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CAFE myths, range anxiety overblown, BMW i3 REx pros and cons: Today’s Car News

Today, Consumers Union busts myths about Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards, an MIT study indicates electric-car range anxiety is overblown, and a BMW i3 REx owner assesses the pros and cons of the extended-range electric car. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Catch up on recent news with our Week in Reverse feature. Check out...

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Dividend Solar Merger With PACE Provider Figtree Financing

San Francisco-based residential solar lender Dividend Solar announced earlier this year that it would partner with PACE provider Figtree Financing in a merger which included a $200 million commitment from LL Funds to fuel the growth of the combined entity. In news which sort of got swept under the carpet from June, Dividend Solar announced in late [&hellip Dividend Solar Merger With …

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Growing European Solar PV Pipeline Awaits Policy Support, Says IHS Markit

A senior analyst for IHS Markit has concluded that a growing solar PV pipeline in Europe is currently awaiting policy support before it can proceed much further. Writing in a recent commentary, senior analyst with IHS Markit Josefin Berg discussed the solar PV market in Europe, and found a need for policy support in some [&hellip Growing European Solar PV Pipeline Awaits …

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Global Wind Policy Clarity Impacts Future Growth Projects, Says MAKE

Recent policy clarity in several key global wind power markets has impacted growth projections both positively and negatively, according to MAKE Consulting's most recent analysis. According to MAKE's Q3/2016 Global Wind Power Market Outlook Update, there have been several regional adjustments made to future projections, however in the end, the negative and positive adjustments have [&hellip

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Pushing through sand

For those of you who take sandcastle building very seriously, listen up: MIT engineers now say you can trust a very simple equation to calculate the force required to push a shovel — and any other “intruder”— through sand. The team also found that the same concept, known as the resistive force theory, can generate useful equations for cohesive materials like muds. Aside from calculating the elbow grease needed to carve out a beachside moat, the researchers say the equation can be used to optimize the way vehicles …

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Sungevity & ENGIE Partner For Belgian Solar Offering

California-based solar company Sungevity has partnered with French multinational electric utility ENGIE Electrabel to offer a full suite of solar services in Belgium. According to an announcement made by Sungevity, the company will partner with ENGIE Electrabel, a subsidiary of the ENGIE Group, to provide a full suite of solar services to electricity customers in Belgium. [&hellip Sungevity …