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The Civil War Over Carbon Taxes

In November, Washington State voters have the chance to pass the most ambitious carbon tax ever proposed in the U.S. But there's one problem: Virtually every major green group in the state is against it, or afraid to support it. What is going on? In this week's podcast, we'll talk with David Roberts, a writer with Vox, about the strange battle within the environmental left over carbon pricing. Then, …

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How healthy is the U.S. voting system?

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump announced at last night's debate that he is open to challenging the legitimacy of this year's election — but MIT political scientist Charles Stewart III, a renowned expert on the U.S. election system, says no one should worry that the system is rigged. “What is lost in almost all debates on this is that elections happen one precinct at a time,” says Stewart, a founding member of the influential Caltech/MIT Voting Technology Project (VTP), which was started in 2000 to …

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Verdigris Raises $6.7M to Bring High-Frequency Energy Disaggregation to Scale

Energy disaggregation is a broad term for technology that turns electrical circuits and meters into sensors, and uses the data collected to create fine-tuned maps of energy usage in buildings. The main difference between technologies is in the data -- the more of it, the more accurate and actionable the results. Verdigris has taken the super high-frequency route to disaggregation, with circuit panel-installed sensors that collect thousands of data points per second, analyze it on the spot, and feed it to its …

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Next Kraftwerk Reimagines & Redefines The Electrical Grid With Virtual Power Plants

The team at Next Kraftwerke (NK) believes it has the keys to the electrical grid of the future — and is well on the way to bringing that vision to reality in the form of what it likes to call a Virtual Power Plant (VPP). Next Kraftwerke's VPP is essentially a widely distributed network of medium- and small-scale power-producing [&hellip Next Kraftwerk Reimagines & …

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Looking Back at the Impacts of the Solar Trade War

Everyone in the solar industry remembers where they were when news broke that a group of solar manufacturers filed a petition with the U.S. Department of Commerce and International Trade Commission, demanding an investigation of what they considered to be unfair business practices within the Chinese solar industry. Many of us were at the 2011 Solar Power International trade show in Dallas, where the announcement instantly altered the tone of the week and sparked many a debate. The news struck an uneasy chord with …

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Tesla Self-Driving Car Video & More Details

Kyle published the initial article about Tesla's new fully self-driving hardware, and I just followed up with a poll about when we will have Tesla robotaxis. Apparently, there's one more thing to share regarding this. Tesla has now released a video showing a Tesla using the self-driving hardware, and has extra info published on the [&hellip Tesla Self-Driving Car Video & More …

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Karen Singleton named chief of MIT Medical’s Mental Health and Counseling Service

In a letter to the community, Medical Director Cecilia Stuopis has announced the appointment of Karen Singleton as chief of MIT Medical's Mental Health and Counseling Service. Stuopis and Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart also communicated the news directly to students through a campus-wide email. Singleton succeeds Alan Siegel who will be

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Indian Renewable IPP Mytrah Energy Looks To Raise $300 Million

Yet another Indian renewable energy IPP is looking to sell an equity stake to raise funds for expansion. According to media reports, Mytrah Energy is looking to sell an equity stake to private equity funds with a target of raising around $300 million. A third of this funding will be used to retire mezzanine debt [&hellip Indian Renewable IPP Mytrah Energy Looks To Raise $300 …

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India’s Yes Bank Raises $50 Million Through Green Bond Issue

One of India's leading names in the green bonds market is raising funds through the private placement of debt instruments aimed at financing low-carbon infrastructure. Yes Bank, a private bank headquartered in the western Indian state of Maharashtra, recently announced that it will raise Rs 330 crore (US$49.5 million) by issuing Green Infrastructure Bond to [&hellip India's Yes Bank Raises …

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Mapping serotonin dynamics in the living brain

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that's partly responsible for feelings of happiness and for mood regulation in humans. This makes it a common target for antidepressants, which block serotonin from being reabsorbed by neurons after it has dispatched its signal, so more of it stays floating around the brain. Now MIT researchers have developed an imaging technique that, for the first time, enables three-dimensional mapping of serotonin as it's reabsorbed into neurons, across multiple regions of the living brain. This …

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India’s ReNew Power Eyes $150 Million IPO

One of India's largest independent renewable energy producers — ReNew Power Ventures — is said to be considering an initial public offer to raise funds for expansion of its assets. According to media reports, the company is looking to raise a total of $300 million, including $100-150 million through initial public offer (IPO). The offer [&hellip India's ReNew Power Eyes $150 Million IPO was …

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Offshore Wind Farm Maintenance To Benefit From EU Research

New techniques to continually monitor the structural conditions of an offshore wind turbine will go a long way toward optimizing maintenance and inspections, and help the offshore wind sector achieve greater increases in cost-efficiency. The TOWERPOWER project is being funded by the European Union's Community Research and Development Information Service, and is aiming at developing [&hellip

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Hundreds Of Cities Have Cost-Effective Opportunities To Boost Renewable Energy Use

A new report estimating energy usage in 3,649 cities has found that, while there is no one-size-fits-all solution, every city nevertheless has massive potential to cost-effectively increase the use of renewable energy at a local level. Published on the sidelines of the Habitat III Conference in Quito by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Renewable Energy [&hellip

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California’s Hydrogen Highway Runs Through My Backyard

The California Energy Commission is helping fund the construction of a $2.8 million hydrogen fueling station for fuel-cell vehicles -- and it's happening a few hundred yards from where I live. Regular readers of GTM might savor the irony of this development, given GTM's largely critical coverage of

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New Yorkers Challenge State & City Officials To Divest Pension Funds

New Yorkers have issued a challenge to their state and city officials to divest New York's combined $350 billion in pension funds from fossil fuels. According to global divestment initiative and Divest New York, a new challenge has been issued to New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer and New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli to [&hellip New Yorkers Challenge State …

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8minutenergy Begins Raising Capital For 500 MW US Solar Push

8minutenergy, the leading independent solar PV developer in the US, has announced that it is now raising capital to fuel the growth of its 5.5 GW US solar pipeline, including over 500 MW of wholly-owned near-shovel-ready projects with long term PPAs. We last heard from 8minutenergy at the beginning of the month, when it announced that it was expanding [&hellip 8minutenergy Begins …

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Oil company pays $26 million for half-billion-dollar ethanol plant

The failure of cellulosic ethanol may prove beneficial to oil giant Royal Dutch Shell. Cellulosic ethanol was seen as an important component of mass ethanol adoption because it is made from non-edible plants. But despite the hopes of ethanol advocates and policymakers, cellulosic sources never materialized in significant quantities. DON'T MISS...