The Problem With Tech – And How To Solve It

By Green Energy Options Ltd A lot of people don't like or understand the word ‘tech'. It's off-putting; you must be talking about something niche or high-end, something that requires a million lines of code to build and a PhD to use. People hear ‘tech' and think ‘complicated'. It gets worse: I work in home energy management. So there's a strange …


Grid Edge 20: Companies Transforming the US Power Sector

[pagebreak: 1] For nearly a century, electric utilities in the U.S. focused on delivering safe, reliable and affordable power. As power has become increasingly critical to every aspect of our lives, however, the business of making, delivering and consuming it is rapidly changing. Today, that business is being turned on its head: a carmaker could also be a utility threat; an average homeowner may be able to cut ties with the larger electrical grid; a kilowatt not used is as valuable as a kilowatt produced; …


Rumsfeldian Climate Risks

“It's pretty damn obvious there are positive impacts of climate change,” Reuters reports Professor Richard Tol saying on his way to disassociating from the IPCC report that he helped to author. Tol is an economist, not a scientist. His expression of risk is reflective of the flaws in economic more


Cheaper and Better Performing Lithium-Ion Batteries Created

Cheaper and Better Performing Lithium-Ion Batteries Created Researchers at the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering have improved the performance and capacity of lithium-ion batteries by developing better-performing, cheaper materials used in anodes and cathodes. Traditionally, lithium-ion batteries contain a graphite anode, but USC researchers were able to substitute silicon …


VCharge Is Turning ‘Hot Bricks’ Into Grid Batteries

Here's a quick quiz question for grid energy storage watchers: What kind of asset is already deployed in homes around the Northeast U.S., Ireland and other cold-weather markets, just waiting to be networked and controlled? The answer is thermal electric heaters: systems that use electricity to super-heat ceramic bricks or tanks of water, then slowly release that heat into homes via fans and pipes. About five hours of electric charging provides a full twenty-four hours of home heating -- something that usually …

HSBC Negawatts

Why Conservatives are terrified of negawatts

The global energy efficiency market was worth more than $400 billion in 2012, and the creation of 'negawatts' (electricity not consumed) has proven to be a lot cheaper than building new generation. In Australia, though, government decisions have brought the sector to a standstill.

Ceto 6 Wave Energy Generator

Carnegie to test CETO 6 at world-leading wave energy hub

Carnegie Wave Energy wins berth - and generous tariff - at world's largest purpose built, grid-connected wave energy demonstration facility to test CETO 6.

AES Energy Storage

AES Energy Storage Targets $30B Peak Power Substitution Market

Peak power substitution involves the use of storage to replace simple cycle gas-fired “peaker” plants. In March 2014, AES Energy Storage launched a new modular energy storage solution capable of cost-effectively replacing some peak power plants. Called Advancion, AES' solution uses lithium-ion batteries. On a global basis, about 30 gigawatts of new peaking capacity are added each year to keep up with population growth and increasing electricity demand. At an average cost of $1 million per megawatt for …